Fun sexual casting adventures outdoors with the Public Agent!
Jan 052013

Nessy - Public Agent

Using a classic approach, the Public Agent walks up to Nessy at the train station and asks where the train is going. Nessy is smarter than that and immediately asks what the camera is for..

Explaining that the camera is for potential models for his agency, the Public Agent asks if she has ever thought of modeling. Nessy says that she hasn’t and is hesitant to give into the Public Agent‘s request for some test images but finally gives in.

Things go from an innocent few photos out by the train station, but then turn into a great blowjob with a mouthful of hard cock to all out hardcore public sex right next to a sidewall where anyone could see!

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Jan 052013

Tara - Public Agent

Tara is a new bartender at the bar that the Public Agent hangs out and looks better than the usual employees, so the Public Agent has to ask to see her tits, for a price of course.

She is hesitant at first, but finally gives in after some hard bargaining. Seeing how nice Tara’s big tits are, she is offered to fuck right there for some more money.

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Jan 052013

Victoria - Public Agent

On another walk around outside, the Public Agent spots a cute short haired blonde walking in the park, so he has to ask her for an ‘interview’, paid of course. But she thinks that she’s just being paid to ask some questions on camera..

The Public Agent asks what Victoria thinks that the difference between male and female bodies is, and to his surprise, she is into girls and has never been with a guy. The perfect opportunity for the Public Agent to make his move!

Starting by masturbating in his car, Victoria gets her trimmed nice and wet for her first cock. Nice triangle landing strip, by the way.. As they are fucking, the agent starts to have his doubts about Victoria being a lesbian since she takes a cock like a pro. Oh well, either way she is a great fuck and gets a big load of cum all over her pussy!

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Jan 022013

Kirsten - Public AgentThe Public Agent is out and about again and comes across Kirsten sitting on a bench out in public. She looks pretty sexy in her tight zip down denim dress, so he naturally introduces himself as a modeling agent and would like to take some casting photos in an open field.

Those innocent casting photos quickly turns into sexier photos, but that’s not enough for the Public Agent!

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Jan 022013

Tall and slim Sindy - Public Agent

Sindy is one hot and tall blonde with a slender figure, so a Public Agent! had to go up to her and ask about her modeling career. After hearing that this gorgeous girl has no experience or even any pictures in her underwear, he asks if anyone that she knows could take some for him. Unfortunately she doesn’t know anyone so the Public Agent! offers to take some there real quick while waiting for the tram.

As Sindy strips down and shows off her nice and slim body with a cute round ass, she quickly realizes what the Public Agent! really wants, so she gets on her knees and gets to work!

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